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Ebola Vaccine Tests Planned Soon, Nih Says -

In 2009, it was given to a lab worker in Germany after the worker reported being accidentally pricked with a needle. The worker did not develop Ebola, although it's not clear whether that's because of the vaccine. Because of its strict rules and standards, the FDA can take years to get a vaccine to market. But it does makes exceptions to fast-track drug development, especially when it comes to deadly diseases like Ebola. Geisbert said that's important, because unlike outbreaks of Ebola in the past, this epidemic is harder to manage "I think it's very different, I (visit) mean historically outbreaks have occurred in central Africa and they have been relatively easy to contain," Geisbert said. "Usually, the go here now outbreaks tend to occur in small villages, but it's controlled and kind of burns out.

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Mcilroy Tees Off At Pga With Lead After Rain Delay - Quincy Herald-whig | Illinois & Missouri News, Sports

... visit site Common sense has to prevail at some point. Let's lift, clean and place this thing." Ian Poulter said he had to take relief on nearly fairway because of standing water. Twice, he had to place his ball in the rough to get a dry spot. McIlroy played in the final group with one of the biggest surprises of the tournament. Wiesberger, a member of the European Tour who has never contended in a major championship, turned in three straight rounds in the 60s, including a 65 on Saturday that pushed him up the leaderboard.

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Merkel Is Giving Putin The Silent Treatment - Yahoo News

Please enter your Phone Number. Send Thanks! A link has been sent. Done Merkel Is Giving Putin the Silent Treatment By Polly Mosendz 3 hours ago 0 shares Content preferences Done German Chancellor Angela Merkel has not spoken to Russian President Vladimir Putin since July 20, three days after the Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 crash. In their last conversation, this link the Wall Street Journal describes her sentiments to Putin as "Call me if you have progress to report in defusing the conflict." Putin has not called. View photo . Putin, FIFA President Sepp Blatter, and Merkel watch the opening ceremony of the World Cup final. (AP Photo/Martin Meissner) For a long time, it was considered that Angela Merkel could get through to Putin in away that other leaders could not. Merkel pledged that Germany and Russia would have a "partnership for modernization." At the World Cup in Brazil, the two leaders even sat together. Between the time when the Ukraine/Russia conflict began this winter and July 20, Putin and Merkel had at least thirty known phone calls. Some have speculated that Germany and Russia had been negotiating a secret "land for gas" deal that fell apart after the MH17 crash, which could have browse led to this silent treatment.

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France's Leclerc Invests To Counter Tough Times - Yahoo Finance

15 his group had achieved revenue growth of 2 percent year-on-year. He predicts revenue growth of 3 percent for the full year, which would be a slowdown from 4.9 percent in 2013 and lower than his expectations in February this year. Leclerc, one of the most vocal executives in the French retail sector, cited high unemployment and households' declining spending power as key reasons for his grim forecast. Food retailers across Europe such as Carrefour and Britain's market leader Tesco (TSCO.L) have struggled as shoppers' disposable income is squeezed by subdued wage growth and austerity measures. Most have responded with price cuts. Data from the INSEE statistics institute this week showed that with France's unemployment rate stuck at record highs above 10 percent and economic growth stalling, consumer confidence was unchanged in September from August. Data last month showed consumer spending in the euro zone's second-biggest economy stagnated in July and August. Leclerc, 62, heads a cooperative association of retailers which operates 642 stores in France, mostly hypermarkets, and 121 stores abroad, with 2013 group sales of 45.6 billion euros. A centralised buying strategy enables Leclerc to negotiate low prices from suppliers home by buying in bulk.

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Why On Earth Is China Nervous About Plutonium In Japan? - Forbes

You get many more weapons much faster. Which is why North Korea took the weapons reactor path. And why we dont care that Iran recently fired up a nuclear power reactor. Funny that none of the news agencies reporting on this story let their readers know this batch of Pu could not be used for weapons, and instead lent credence to Chinas faux rage. This Pu falling into the wrong hands wouldnt be nearly as bad as the wrong hands just getting some 137CsCl online powder from a few sympathetic food irradiation facilities in the Middle East and southern Asia ( Mitt Romney, Iran and Dirty Bombs ). Now that material makes great dirty bombs! Much more critical to the idea of Japan wanting The Bomb is 300 kg of actual weapons-grade Pu that the United States stockpiled in Japan decades ago for some poorly-understood reason. Japan agreed in March to return that Pu which is a good thing and should have calmed Chinas fears. Japan still has more than 44 tons of Pu, more than any non-weapons state possesses, but that will also leave soon.
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