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German Two-year Yields Negative Before Debt Auction - Yahoo Finance

A Reuters poll this week showed money market traders saw a 50 percent probability of a bond-buying programme in the next 12 months, up from a one-in-three chance in last week's survey. German bond yields, the benchmark for euro zone borrowing costs, trade around zero for maturities of up to four years. "This is a combination of expectations of very low rates for a very long period of time but also a reflection that the market has raised the odds of the ECB being drawn into taking more serious action," said Elwin de Groot, a senior market economist at Rabobank in Utrecht. click here. Two-year bonds yield minus 0.006 percent, meaning buyers will get slightly less money than they invested when the bond comes due. Some banks may prefer that rather than being charged 10 basis points for keeping the money in the ECB's deposit facility - a result of the central bank's unprecedented deposit rate cut into negative territory in June. Two-year yields in France, Belgium, Ireland, here. the Netherlands, Austria and Finland trade between 0.03 and 0.06 percent.

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Mobistar Launches First Virtual Mobile Switchboard In Belgium - Yahoo Finance

Mobistar is the first operator to introduce such a solution on the Belgian market. The customer at the centre: professional services via fixed numbers without fixed infrastructure. A survey from a Dutch research company demonstrates that three in four consumers - especially at first contact - prefer getting in touch with a supplier using a fixed number than with companies only available on a mobile number. Mobistar`s new Mobiline now brings all fixed line functionalities to the mobile phone via a web interface, and allows to connect one or more fixed numbers to mobile numbers. Companies can be reached anywhere, anytime while managing their own outgoing caller ID. Working flexibly now becomes even more comfortable for SMEs A study by Data News shows that 67% of companies rank a mobile strategy somewhere between "important" and "a top priority". According to Stephane Beauduin, Chief Enterprise & Wholesale Officer at Mobistar, "we are currently undergoing an evolution this site where the economy as a whole is becoming more mobile. Tablets are replacing laptops and smartphones are making fixed phones obsolete. People are no longer tied down to a fixed workplace.

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Goofy Dinosaur Blends Barney And Jar Jar Binks - Yahoo News

Some 70 million years old, it's an ancestral relative of the modern ostrich and belongs to the dinosaur family often called ostrich dinosaurs. "Deinocheirus turned out to be one the weirdest dinosaurs beyond our imagination," study lead author Yuong-Nam Lee, director of the Geological Museum in Daejeon, South Korea, said in an email. View gallery In this photo taken Wednesday, Oct. 22, 2014, study lead author Lee Yuong-nam, director of the Geolo When scientists in 1965 found the first forearm bones nearly 8 feet long many of them envisioned "a creature that would strike terror in people," said University of Maryland dinosaur expert Thomas Holtz Jr, who wasn't part of the study. "Now it's a creature that would strike bemusement, amazement." And yes, he said, "it's pretty goofy." The find is tremendous but is a cautionary tale about jumping to conclusions without enough evidence, said University of Chicago dinosaur expert Paul Sereno, who wasn't part of the discovery. It also reminds us that evolution isn't always what we think, Sereno said. "This is evolution in a dinosaur not a mammal world," Sereno said in email. "The starting point is a two-legged animal looking somewhat like a fuzzy-feathered ostrich.

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3 Girls Skipped School To Sneak Off And Join Isis -

More than 3,000 have joined from Tunisia. Sense of belonging It's more than just a radical interpretation of Islam that is drawing teens to the extremely bloodthirsty militant group, a former CIA officer says. "They're often times searching for an identity, because what the jihadis are actually pushing is a specific narrative, which is: Your people (Muslims) are being oppressed in this place called Syria; your government is doing nothing; we're the only ones who are actually going to help you out," said Aki Peritz. "Why don't you join the fight?" Richard Barrett of The Soufan Group says many of the teens lack a sense of belonging where they live, and they believe ISIS can give it to them. "The general picture provided by foreign fighters of their lives in Syria suggests camaraderie, good morale and purposeful activity, all mixed in with a sense of understated heroism, designed to attract their friends as well as to boost their own self-esteem," he says. And ISIS constantly cranks the PR machine, making expert use of slick videos and social media. Echoing back West ISIS' global digital reach has terror experts in the United States worried about go here now security at home as well. There are terrorist groups in Yemen and in Syria with stated ambitions of striking on American soil, but another threat is more probable, says counterterrorism expert Matt Olsen. "I would say the most likely types of attack is one of these homegrown violent extremists or lone offenders in the United States, and (with) the rise of ISIS and the number of people going to Syria...the likelihood does go up." Self-styled attackers like the Boston Marathon bombers could be the result.

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Top Asian News At 3:00 P.m. Gmt - Yahoo News

JAKARTA, Indonesia fitness (AP) A strong earthquake has hit off Max Workouts the coast of western Indonesia, but there were no immediate reports of injuries or damage. The U.S. Geological Survey says the magnitude-6.0 quake hit Saturday at a depth of 30 kilometers (19 miles). It was centered 88 kilometers (55 miles) southeast of Sinabang, a town on the east coast of Simeulue Island, which lies off the west coast of Sumatra island. SEOUL, South Korea (AP) The leaders of China and South Korea expressed concern Friday about Japan's recent reinterpretation of its war-renouncing constitution and its re-examination of a past apology for wartime atrocities, a South Korean official said. Japan colonized the Korean Peninsula and occupied parts of China, often brutally, before and during fitness World War II. Many people in China and South Korea still harbor a strong resentment against Japan, and there are concerns in both countries about growing nationalism in Tokyo. TOKYO (AP) For many families of Japanese citizens abducted by North Korea decades ago, a renewed investigation by the North is most likely their last chance to see their loved ones. The elderly relatives say they are pinning all their hopes on the effort before time runs out.

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