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Why On Earth Is China Nervous About Plutonium In Japan? - Forbes

You get many more weapons much faster. Which is why North Korea took the weapons reactor path. And why we dont care that Iran recently fired up a nuclear power reactor. Funny that none of the news agencies reporting on this story let their readers know this batch of Pu could not be used for weapons, and instead lent credence to Chinas faux rage. This Pu falling into the wrong hands wouldnt be nearly as bad as the wrong hands just getting some 137CsCl online powder from a few sympathetic food irradiation facilities in the Middle East and southern Asia ( Mitt Romney, Iran and Dirty Bombs ). Now that material makes great dirty bombs! Much more critical to the idea of Japan wanting The Bomb is 300 kg of actual weapons-grade Pu that the United States stockpiled in Japan decades ago for some poorly-understood reason. Japan agreed in March to return that Pu which is a good thing and should have calmed Chinas fears. Japan still has more than 44 tons of Pu, more than any non-weapons state possesses, but that will also leave soon.
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