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Please Welcome Icicle Brewing & Munchen Haus

Barcelona vs Bayern Munchen live Score Wat

Jupp Heynckes (Bayern Leverkusen coach) is expected to take the helm in the next season. What went wrong? Van Gaal has had difficulty dealing with the problems facing Bayern Munchen. The Van Gaal era took a turn for the worst after Bayern Munchen's loss to Inter in March 2011. Miguel Villagran/Getty Images FC Bayern Munchen The only person to blame has been Van Gaal himself, even though other players should share the blame.

The first part factory was the most industrial looking and reminded me of a steel mill which was as large as two football fields and seemed a 100 feet tall my website in a 238,000 sq feet building. There where large cranes that ran on overhead tracks to shuttle different molds to the presses. These molds then fit into either of the two 2,000 ton Schuler Presses which sit atop some massive shock absorbers so that the slamming press action which compresses the zinc coated steel doesnt bother the neighbors.. This video is by BMW of production of the E90 chassis at Munichs BMW Plant but lets you see the plant in action. Pressed body panels get trimmed and paired up with the chassis pieces. Pivoting flying rotating robots arms go precisely where welds are needed. I was amazed at how close the tour gets to the flying sparks though they are behind safety glass.

Kloiber, has replaced Dirk Schweitzer as managing director of Tele-Munchen Group (TMG) our editor recommends Schweizer, who joined TMG two years ago from German broadcaster RTL, is leaving the company for personal reasons. He will be returning to Cologne, where his family lives. The move positions the younger Kloiber to eventually succeed his father, who turns 65 this year. "Regrettably I am losing Dr. Dirk Schweitzer after only 2 years of successful collaboration to his home town of Cologne," TMG head Herbert G. Kloiber said in a statement.

Macau is 1.42 4.00 6.30 with home team give 1 with low water fee level; the Asian handicap odd is open lower than standard level, and 1x2 fixed draw and away are also lower than average. The tendency will not confident enough to Bayern Munchen. However, bet365 is opening 1.40 4.50 8.00, it is support home team, but Asian handicap odd is Bayern Munchen give 1 with 0.80 fee level. Macau and bet365 are doubt that home team have ability win more than one goal. Soccer Tips 4U Prediction: Bayern Munchen is running excellent performance with 6 consecutive victory games before winter break, and unbeaten records at home games in season. Hoffenheim is unstable status last 6 matches only one victory. Bookmakers are doubt player form after long break with current odds.

Munchen this spring.

Submissions must be original artwork, and artists can submit as many designs as they want. More than 60 designs were submitted for the button contest this year, which Western Technical College student Ben Fruit won. Entries may be submitted via email at; postal mail at La Crosse Festivals Inc., P.O. Box 1716 La Crosse, WI 54602-1716; or hand delivered to the Oktoberfest office at Second and La Crosse streets, where hours are 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday-Thursday.

If you want to talk about food, lets move on to the next part of the story. Oliver and Pam also own Munchen Haus Bavarian Grill and Beer Garden located just a couple blocks up the street. The couple moved to Leavenworth and opened Munchen Haus at about the same time that Leavenworth Brewing was packing up and moving to Olympia. They built and opened Munchen Haus , but always dreamed of opening a brewery. Munchen Haus is the best place in town to grab lunch and a beer, which is what you do when you are in Leavenworth. They serve high quality Bratwurst, Currywurst, Kielbasa, and many other traditional and not-so-traditional sausages (think cheddar-jalapeno).

Barcelona is nonetheless a different beast. How will Bayern fare?Download now and enjoy all the pleasures of the sporting world from the comfort of your own living room. Enjoy your sports on your time - Watch what you want, when you want! Get Instant Access to all sports channels over the Internet. No download limits, no bandwidth limits and no fee per download! Everything you ever wanted is right here!

Germany I'm going to Munchen on the last Saturday in February for BrauKustLive! 2014...whatever date that is. Last year for BKL, it was Starkbierszeit and I wasn't that impressed with Augustiner's version, way to hot, too much alcohol flavor, for me a beer that would've been best lagered 2 or 3 months to mellow this flaw, which made it quite unpleasant to drink even a 0.5L glass and overpowered all the other malty flavors (go back to my review of BKL here. in the boddhitree said: Part IV: The Aftermath. Click to expand... I hope others who live in country are joining best site me for the really best craft beer festival in Germany, for it combines celebrating the spirit of innovation with focusing on craft German brewers, too. Bierman9 said: Flashy, Since you're a WWII enthusiast too, I would normally recommend the 3hr trip by train to Berchtesgaden, and a visit to the Kehlsteinhaus (Eagles Nest).

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Obama?s Visiting Security Adviser Tells Karzai To Sign Agreement

This accord must bring about one outcome: the dismantling of Irans military nuclear capability, Netanyahu declared Monday, maintaining the pressure on the White House. The Israeli leader gave Obama a piece of his mind when the president called Sunday for a briefing, according to one official. The prime minister made it clear to the most powerful man on earth that if he intends to stay the most powerful man on earth, its important to make a change in American policy because the practical result of his current policy is liable to lead him to the same failure that the Americans absorbed in North Korea and Pakistan, and Iran could be next in line, said Tzachi Hanegbi, a member of the Israeli Knesset. Rep. Eliot Engel (D-Bronx) told The Post, I hope this is more than just soothing ruffled feathers. I hope that we seriously listen to the Israelis and listen to what their fears are. The Israelis have complained about being kept out of the loop during secret talks between the United States and Iran, which paved the way for a deal that includes six other nations. Netanyahu and many pro-Israel members of Congress have slammed the agreement for allowing Iran to maintain much of its nuclear program while receiving $7 billion in relief with an easing of sanctions.

More business news Alex Sherman, Edmund Lee and David McLaughlin A joint bid by Comcast and Charter would allow consolidation while sidestepping regulatory hurdles. Michael A. Fletcher Under fire, with U.S. sales flattening and employees protesting, the giant retailer looks to stay the course. More business news Right now in this country there is at least one faction of one party that has decided they are more interested in stopping progress than advancing it, and arent interested in compromise or engaging in solving problems and more interested in scoring points for the next election, he told Democratic donors in San Francisco on Monday. For Obama, the call for compromise is a veiled olive branch that also disguises a threat. What were looking for is not the defeat of another party, what were looking for is the advancement of ideas that are going to vindicate those values that are tried and true, he said at a fundraiser Sunday with House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi seated among about 60 high-dollar donors.

Urging Obama to give immediate relief to those separated from their families at Thanksgiving, the man yelled, "You have the power to stop deportations!" "Actually, I don't," Obama responded, signaling security personnel not to remove the heckler or other protesters who joined in the shouting. "These guys don't need to go," Obama said. "He can stay there. I respect the passion of these young people." But the solution to the problem "won't be as easy as just shouting," Obama said to the young man. "If you're serious about making that happen, then I'm willing to work with you. "The easy way out is to try to yell and pretend like I can do something by violating our laws. What I'm proposing is the harder path" of trying to get the law changed. It was a dramatic beginning to a California trip otherwise dominated by Democratic fundraising events, mostly closed to the public.

He will attend the first, a reception at the Beverly Hills home of Earvin "Magic" Johnson, along with Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and Sen. Harry Reid (D-Nev.). The second event is a dinner at the home of Israeli American billionaire Haim Saban. On Tuesday morning, the president is scheduled to attend a Democratic fundraiser at the Hancock Park home of Marta Kauffman, creator of the television show "Friends." That afternoon he is to visit the DreamWorks animation studio in Glendale to tour the site and make a speech about the economy.

RELATED KABUL, AFGHANISTAN: US President Obama's national security adviser, Susan E Rice, told President Hamid Karzai of Afghanistan on Monday to stop his delay in signing a security agreement or potentially face the complete and final pullout of American troops by the end of 2014, according to American and Afghan officials. But while Karzai was said to have assured her he would sign the deal at some point, he gave no time frame for it. And over dinner at the presidential palace in Kabul, he later insisted on difficult new conditions as well, including the release of all inmates at the American prison camp at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, adding to the perception of crisis between the two nations, officials from both countries said. "Ambassador Rice reiterated that, without a prompt signature, the US would have no choice but to initiate planning for a post-2014 future in which there would be no US or NATO troop presence in Afghanistan," according to a summary of the meeting released by the White House. The meeting came a day after Karzai rejected a recommendation from his own handpicked assembly of Afghan leadership figures, a loya jirga, that by year's end he should sign the bilateral security agreement, which would allow for an extended American military presence in Afghanistan after 2014. Karzai told the loya jirga that he wanted to wait to sign it until after the Afghan presidential elections next April, while continuing to negotiate with the Americans. In response, the White House summary said, "Ambassador Rice stressed that we have concluded negotiations and that deferring the signature of the agreement until after next year's elections is not viable, as it would not provide the United States and NATO allies the clarity necessary to plan for a potential post-2014 military presence." Rice arrived in Afghanistan under a cloak of secrecy on Saturday, and the White House did not confirm she was here until after she was check it out already meeting with Karzai on Monday evening, along with other top officials from both Washington and Kabul, and Karzai's senior aides.

"Tough talk and bluster may be the easy thing to do politically, but it's not the right thing to do for our security," he said. Bipartisan skepticism in the Senate about the deal could mean a renewed push for tougher sanctions, which would present a problem for the Obama administration, since the deal signed with Iran and five other nations guarantees no new sanctions for six months. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, one of the fiercest opponents of the six-month deal, called it a "historic mistake" and announced he would be dispatching a top envoy to Washington to try to toughen the final agreement negotiators will soon begin hammering out. The weekend agreement between Iran and six world powers -- the U.S., Britain, France, Russia, China and Germany -- is to temporarily halt parts of Tehran's disputed nuclear program and allow for more intrusive international monitoring. In exchange, Iran gains some modest relief from stiff economic sanctions and a pledge from Obama that no new penalties will be levied during the six months. The U.S. and its allies contend Iran is seeking to produce a nuclear bomb -- of particular concern to Israel, which fears an attack -- while Tehran insists it is merely pursuing a peaceful nuclear program for energy and medical purposes.

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Canada Fx Debt-canada $ Pulled To Four-month Low After Iran Deal

- The Washington Times November 25, 2013, 11:15AM In this photo released by the Iranian Students News Agency, ISNA, Iranians ... more> Recent Entries Both parties facing funding shortfall Canadas foreign minister said Monday he is deeply skeptical about the new deal to freeze Irans nuclear program for six months and said his countrys sanctions will stay in full force against the country, according to Canadian broadcaster CBC. Past actions predict future actions and Iran has defied the United Nations Security Council, and simply put, Iran has not earned the right to have the benefit of the doubt, Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird said, according to the report. U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said the interim pact is a prudent move to halt Irans program in its tracks, as the worlds leading nations forge a long-term plan to keep nuclear firepower out of the Islamic republics hands. But Mr. Baird is among those talking tough about the new pact, echoing GOP lawmakers in the United States and Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu who have slammed any let-up in stamping out Irans enrichment activities.

CANADA STOCKS-TSX steady as Iran deal lifts banks, hits resources

View gallery A baby fur seal is seen among rocks at Foca island in the northern city of Piura February 16, 2010. REUTERS/Pilar GENEVA (Reuters) - Canada and Norway failed to overturn a European Union ban on their seal products on Monday when the World Trade Organization ruled the bloc had a right to outlaw imports of the furs on moral grounds. Canada said it would appeal against the WTO decision, and that any public opposition to its seal trade was based on "myths and misinformation". Many animal rights groups have long said the commercial killing of seals and their pups for fur and other products is cruel. Canada and Norway challenged the EU ban on their imports four years ago, saying it violated global trade rules. The trade body did support part of their case on Monday, saying the EU had been discriminatory in how it managed exemptions to the ban offered to indigenous groups and people killing seals as a way of managing fish stocks.

"The background of the equity markets remains positive," he said, noting that there is still plenty of cash that needs to be put to work. "While institutions have been reasonably active in putting money back into the market, the retail side is still sitting on the sidelines." The Toronto Stock Exchange's S&P/TSX composite index was down 2.62 points, or 0.02 percent, at 13,475.70. Seven of the 10 main sectors on the index were higher. Oil prices dropped after the Iran deal, weighing on shares of energy producers. Suncor Energy Inc gave back 1.7 percent to C$37.30 and had the biggest negative influence on the index. Canadian Natural Resources Ltd lost 2 percent to C$34.11. "It's potentially a longer-term negative for (energy stocks) with more Iranian production coming back on," Cockfield said of the deal.

'Masterchef Canada' to Air After Super Bowl on CTV

Dickson's main message to an audience of bankers and mortgage brokers was to not rest on their laurels. OSFI's bank stress tests may have produced comforting results, she said, but the regulator keeps a close watch on bank capital levels, she said. Likewise, low rates of mortgage delinquency and high borrower credit scores can be deceiving and can slide rapidly click if there is a shock to the economy. "So OSFI encourages financial institutions to pay considerable attention to the quality of borrowers, both in the current environment and potential future environments." So far, the consensus view of economists has been that there will be a 'soft landing' of the housing market. Finance Minister Jim Flaherty and Bank of Canada Governor Stephen Poloz appear to be in that camp as well. Flaherty has tightened mortgage lending rules four times since 2008. The latest measures in mid-2012 led to a sharp slowdown, but the market has gained new momentum this year.

cents. The loonie hit a low of C$1.0584 over night, its lowest since early July. The lows the currency hit in July just above C$1.06 could act as a cap, while the low C$1.05 area is the next likely place for support, said Smith. The domestic economic calendar is light this week and trading could be quieter heading into the U.S. Thanksgiving holiday on Thursday.

Canada, Norway fail to overturn EU ban on seal furs

2. our editor recommends Super Bowl Halftime Show TV Director Talks Madonna, Beyonce and Oscars (Q&A) The local version of the format from Elisabeth Murdoch's Shine, which is part of 21st Century Fox, will debut on Jan. 20. The third-week episode will follow the Canadian telecast of the Super Bowl, which each year pulls in one of the country's biggest primetime audiences. Masterchef Canada will feature Michael Bonacini, Alvin Leung, and Claudio Aprile as judges of the culinary elimination series.

Canada "Deeply Skeptical" of Iran Nuclear Deal

Canada will keep its sanctions in place. Foreign Minister John Baird said in Ottawa on Sunday that past actions predict future actions and "Iran has not earned the right to have the benefit of the doubt. " Canada's Conservative government, a staunch ally of Israel, has banned nearly all exports to and imports from Iran over concerns about Iran's nuclear program. Canada also shut its embassy in Tehran in 2012 and ordered Iranian diplomats to leave Ottawa. Canadian Defense Minister Rob Nicholson said at the conclusion of the Halifax International Security Forum on Sunday that Canada will evaluate the nuclear deal on its merits.

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Kim Kardashian Flaunts Post-baby Body In Skinny Jeans, Steps Out In Nyc With North West!

Kim, Kanye and baby North head to dinner in NYC (Splash News) Meanwhile, it was recently reported that Kanye has "restarted his campaign" to get Kim on the cover of Vogue, in her wedding dress. The Yeezus rapper has been banging on for months about how his gorgeous girl deserves a spot on the front of the fashion bible, telling Ryan Seacrest in a recent interview: There is no way Kim Kardashian shouldnt be on the cover of Vogue. She is the most intriguing woman right now. She has got Barbara Walters calling her like everyday. Now, Radar Online report that Kanye is "absolutely determined" to convince his friend, Vogue Editor-In-Chief Anna Wintour, to put Kim on the cover - in her wedding dress. Both Kim and Anna were spotted cheering on Kanye at his Yeezus tour gig in Brooklyn on Tuesday night, but the fashion editor wasn't exactly getting pally with Kim, sitting in the same VIP section but with people between them.

Which Way Is North? Khloe Kardashian Reveals Whether Kim?s New Baby Is Like Her Mom Or Dad Kanye ? The Answer Will Surprise You!

The power couple is reportedly considering filming their upcoming nuptials. However, the rapper and reality star are said to be shooting the ceremony themselves and will then sell it to a network. Another notable (and hard to believe nugget), the couple is reportedly going to have a ceremony "on the small side." [ Us Weekly ] In More Understated Kardashian News : Scott Disick continues to show off his cash and his lack of understanding of the words modesty and subtlety. [ Instagram ] Kimmel Holiday Punks The Krasinski-Blunts : The holiday war between Jimmy Kimmel and John Krasinski and wife Emily Blunt continues! Kimmel has upped his game this year with an over-the-top prank.

BET's "The Game" is about a young woman who decides to put her pending career plans on hold because of the rising success of her star athlete boyfriend. If we didn't tell you that the main character's name is Melanie, you would probably think we are talking about Khloe. Rob Kardashian On "How I Met Your Mother" For a show that cast Britney Spears as a saucy receptionist and Katie Holmes as a slutty pumpkin, they can surely find room for a Kardashian. We couldn't think of a better role for Rob than Robin's new boyfriend on "How I Met Your Mother." She loves the bro type, so Rob would be perfect, and it's a great way to get her away from Kevin.

Mama Kim, wearing sensible heels, of course, topped off her leggy look with a leather bomber jacket over a basic gray shirt. Nori's ensemblewhile undoubtedly adorablewasn't visible, as the supercute tot was snug in her stroller. Earlier in the week, proud parents Kim and Kanye West stepped out in matching looks both wearing distressed jeans, white shirts and black trench coats. Let's hope Nori gets in on the coordinated Kimye clothing thing soon, too! PHOTO: Kim, Nori and LaLa Anthony have a girls day!

Kardashians' Ex Stepmom Say They're "Selling Family Secrets For Profit" After Kim & Khloe Claim Their Dad Was Too Weak To Remarry!

On their wedding day Kim thought her father was suffering from extreme mental and physical fatigue and wasn't even fully aware of his surround during the wedding. And, Khloe even said that it was worse than that, claiming that his mental state had been "compromised" and that his heath got so bad that: "Several ceremony guests assisted my father from his bedroom to the couch and helped to sit him up straight for the ceremony, which took place at my father's couch." Well, Ellen Kardashian is firing back, and she's basically called Kim and her whole family a bunch of hyprocites! Here's what her lawyer said: It is clear that the Kardashians are not getting good advice because they have chosen to disclose personal details about Robert Kardashians terminal illness and eventual death. This only forces our client to respond to their libelous and false statements.

Khloe Kardashian Reveals Whether Kims New Baby Is Like Her Mom Or Dad Kanye The Answer Will Surprise You! The world will have to wait a few years to see what kind of personality that translates into, but for now, Norths aunt, Khloe Kardashian is giving a glimpse into her infant nieces character, which she says is mellow, but paradoxically, very like her loud-mouthed dad . That baby is so cute! Khloe gushed on SydneysJackie and Kyle O Showon Thursday. The baby, North, is one of the cutest babies besides [ Kourtney 's children] Mason and Penelope . Theyre all so adorable, Khloe insisted, but [North] has such a sweet, calm, demeanor. Shes really mellow and she laughs.

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Rihanna Debuts Shoulder-length Bob In New York City


Rihanna has been traveling the world these past few months as part Despite 'the Hobbit,' Hollywood Isn't Adopting 48 Frames Per Second of her "Diamonds" world celebrities gossip tour and it seems once she changed her location to New York City, she felt the need to change up her look, too. Rih posted the following photos to her Instagram account last night where Farrah Abraham Returns To Tv In Vh1's 'couples Therapy' she's seen sporting a shaggy bob with bangs, quite the drastic change from her previous style -- a mullet with shaved sides. Here she is performing in New Orleans on Nov. 15: So ... Like it, or love it? Also on HuffPost:
Full story:

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